Switch SX is an advanced nicotine delivery system which replicates the satisfaction that is achieved when smoking a cigarette. The all-in-one SX Starter Kit includes a Switch SX Device, Charging Cable, and a Flavor Multipack consisting four Switch SX Pods in 5% nicotine strength - Royal Tobacco, Frosty Mint, Mango Smoothie and Watermelon Twist.

So what makes the Switch SX device different from its prior models? Well, for starters, the Switch SX comes with a 12-Month official warranty which is a full 6 months extension from earlier models. Perhaps its improvised, smart LED battery indicator is the ultimate game changer. Once fully charged, the LED remains green till it drops down from 100% to 35%, from 35% to 10% the LED stays yellow to keep you alerted and when under 10% the LED turns red indicating the need to recharge. Lastly, the Switch SX’s eye-catching, metallic grey exterior makes it the ideal match for any occasion.

  • Rechargeable Switch SX Device
  • Charging Cable
  • Flavor Multipack - Four Switch SX Pods (Royal Tobacco, Frosty Mint, Mango Smoothie and Watermelon Twist)
  • Product Registration / 12 Month Warranty Card (for warranty details, visit here)

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