Another Milestone Achieved: Switch Introduces Risk-Free Zero% Nicotine Pods

by Switch Team
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Another Milestone Achieved: Switch Introduces Risk-Free Zero% Nicotine Pods

Making the world smoke-free… sounds kind of naïve, right? How about we make it risk-free? Well, since its inception, Switch has constantly been involved in creating strategies that could fully meet the customers’ needs and simultaneously, cut down on their nicotine intake to the minimal.

Initially, Switch introduced its range of Pods with 5% nicotine strength, compatible with its S1 and S2 devices. However, aiming for a risk-free smoking environment, the next step was to gradually minimize the nicotine dependency.

Being a responsible brand, Switch has always openly emphasized on the principle, ‘letswitch, but to quit’. Going with the same rhythm, Switch then launched its range of 3% nicotine Pods, cutting down the level by 2%. Back at that time, we also released a blog containing the details on the then newly added Pods variants and our vision behind them.

Now, hitting the final nail from our strategic plan, Switch has finally introduced Zero% Nicotine Pods with no added nicotine. Our 5% and 3% Pods contain a total of four different ingredients namely, Propylene Glycol, Glycerol, Flavor and Nicotine. But, our latest Zero% Pods have eliminated the major health deteriorating element, nicotine, which can be an immense aid in quitting the hazardous smoking habit.

The latest Zero% Nicotine Pods have been exclusively launched for the users of the Switch S1 device. The variant is available in our three all-time favorite flavors – Frosty Mint, Mango Smoothie and Lychee Ice.

Staying by its words, Switch has garnered appreciation from all around for not only its products and services but for treating its customers as one big family. From 5% nicotine level to the least 0%, we definitely have come a long way in an amazingly short span of time. And our dream of lowering nicotine consumption and dependence is now looking like a reality.

Keep evolving and #letswitch.

by Switch Team


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