Rapidly Growing Switch And What Makes It Better Than The ‘Now Down’ Juul?

by Switch Team
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Rapidly Growing Switch And What Makes It Better Than The ‘Now Down’ Juul?

Currently, the vaporizer or electronic cigarette industry in Pakistan is neither as vast nor as mature when compared to other world countries. Switch came into existence last year, becoming the first local brand to introduce smoking alternative products in Pakistan. Its advanced and revolutionary product line disrupted the market and continues to do so due to several reasons.

Initially, there was an influx of constructive remarks, most of them comparing Switch with other imported brands. One such brand is the well-reputed American electronic cigarette company - Juul. There continues to be a lack of knowledge amongst potential users about the features to look out for when selecting the ideal smoking alternative device or vaporizer. The following elaborative points shed light on these features and also show how Switch devices (S1 and S2) may be better than the Juul, in every way.

1. Powerful battery, non-stop vaping

It’s extremely frustrating for an avid vaper to run out of battery at desperate situations. Not only that, but with your spoiled mood (these days), you will have to start your search for a power outlet to recharge and that too if you are fortunate enough to find a charging cable.

Well, to save you from all the hassle and chaos, Switch devices (both, the S1 and S2) feature a 240mAh powerful battery which keeps it going for longer when compared to Juul’s 200mAh battery. Apparently, the 17% larger battery doesn’t seem much of a difference but it will definitely not die when needed the most.

2. Refreshing flavors, countless possibilities

In today’s world, consumers expect options to be available. Flavor preferences may vary from user to user, especially in the gradually increasing vaping culture. Analyzing the need, Switch offers a great variety of flavors in its Pods which may make the switch from combustible cigarettes more attractive for some. Presently, Switch S1 and S2 Pods come in six carefully chosen flavors including a selection of neutral flavors such as Royal Tobacco and Frosty Mint. For those who prefer fruity or sweet variants, the brand also covers their need with options such as Mango Smoothie, Watermelon Twist, Cool Grape and Lychee Ice being available.

Juul on the other hand is right now offering three flavor options with two tobacco variants and one mint. Availability of Juul flavors may vary regionally due to government regulations. 

3. High quality, low price

For any brand, pricing policy is an element that plays a vital role in product acceptance. Generally speaking, Switch products are priced 60-70% more competitively than Juul if we take both, the device and pods into account. To be specific, Switch Starter Kits that come with four complimentary Pods are priced at Rs. 3,600 while a Juul Starter Kit with two Pods is being retailed for Rs. 7,000.

Switch Pods are much, much more affordable than Juul Pods too. Switch Pods are officially available for Rs. 1,100 for a pack of four whereas Juul Pods are being sold by resellers for Rs. 3,600 on average. Lastly, Switch Pods (S1 - 0.9ml and S2 - 1.0ml) hold more capacity when compared to Juul’s 0.7ml Pods. Need we say more?

4. Higher resistance, heavier smoke

Since our brand’s inception, a certain section of customers has always inquired about the level of smoke that our devices can generate. This particular comparison between Switch and Juul is for those curious minds out there. Switch devices feature a higher resistance of 1.8ohm than Juul (1.6ohm). Higher resistance equals heavier/thicker smoke. So, for users who are are inspired by the tricks of vape gurus like Titus Edwards, then our S1 and S2 devices may be the better fit for you than Juul.

5. Instantly available, always open

Compared to the once-giant vaporizer company Juul, Switch products are more accessible. Distributed through a large distribution network of 500+ direct sellers and reputed chain of super stores, Switch products are easily available nationwide. Not only does Juul face an availability issue but stock shortages are also ongoing challenge that users may face especially with Pods.

Juul does not have any official presence in the market and is currently being sold by a handful number of resellers/importers. Import delays and supply issues are never-ending problems that many users are already aware of. Such issues do not exist with Switch where its entire product line is readily available for purchase 24/7. Moreover, the brand’s official eStore is delivering right at your doorstep.

6. Passionate team, amazing services

Last but not the least, a product without warranty is technically a waste and that is yet another challenge with Juul in Asia. While Switch is providing a full 6-Month Warranty backed by a passionate team of highly qualified technicians nationwide, Juul doesn’t have any after-sale service in Pakistan. From repairing to replacement, Switch is offering customer-centric services that has given it a major edge over its competition.

So, for people who want to make the switch, #letswitch!

by Switch Team


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