Subscribe and Save: Introducing the Monthly Pods Subscription

by Switch Team
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Subscribe and Save: Introducing the Monthly Pods Subscription

Time and money are surely one of the more valuable things for many of us. Our new Monthly Pods Subscription Program aims to bring savings on both. From today (February 7th, 2020) onwards our users can enroll in for the subscription offer and start saving instantly.

Before we get into the details of the upcoming Monthly Pods Subscription, our existing users already have a fair idea on their pod consumption. As we always suggest, pods consumption depends on usage. Generally speaking, a pod lasts 2 days of heavy usage and 3-4 days of moderate use. If you are new to Switch devices, we would recommend that you get a clearer idea on your personal pod consumption before enrolling into our Monthly Pods Subscription. This would avoid both, under or over ordering of pods.

So, how does it work? It’s simple. One just needs to follow basic steps, such as selecting their device, picking packs quantity, along with flavors and nicotine level, and well, that’s it. Leave the rest to us. Every month, we will have the customer’s desired monthly pods ship out to them for FREE. Free shipping, is just one part of the savings that the Monthly Pods Subscription brings. The number of monthly pod packs adds further savings for users, ranging from 3% to 11% discounts, depending on how many packs are chosen.

Want to try a variety of flavors every month as part of the monthly subscription? No problem, you can choose to customize your flavors by selecting the ‘customized’ flavor preference on the subscription page. Our online team will confirm your preferences on call each month before shipping out your monthly pods.

All in all, we are launching the Monthly Pods Subscription as a service that saves you time and money, offering Switch Pods at discounted prices along with free shipping. To get started, simply go to, add your monthly order to the cart and enjoy the perks right away.

by Switch Team


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