Switch E-Liquid Gets Tested By PCSIR

by Switch Team
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Switch E-Liquid Gets Tested By PCSIR

Health authorities in the United States and elsewhere have been investigating the increasing number of lung illness cases including the few deaths that have been reported – the latest toll rising to 18 – linked to vaping. Nevertheless, numerous health officials and bodies have stuck by the narrative that regulated E-Cigarettes continue to be safe for use with Public Health England going as far by claiming that vaping is ‘95% less harmful than smoking’. So, what is the truth?

In the midst of this risingly popular yet controversial debate on vaping, one common argument has reached consensus between health investigators – it is in fact the substances within the E-Liquid that are the root cause behind vaping-related illnesses.

The recent outbreak of vaping-related illnesses/ deaths has been linked to consumers using E-Liquid that contains the following:

- Illicit and unregulated e-liquid 
- Compounds of cannabis (marijuana/ ‘charas’) specifically THC
- Vitamin E acetate

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 1,000 cases of vaping illness have been reported. Interestingly, of the 578 cases, doctors already know what patients were using; roughly 78% of the patients said they vaped THC, the active ingredient in cannabis (marijuana/ ‘charas’). 

Now. Firstly, we want to confirm that Switch E-Liquid does NOT contain any of the above including the banned THC. Secondly, we are proud to announce that we are the pioneer brand in Pakistan to have gotten their E-Liquid tested by the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR). Moreover, our products - both, devices and e-liquids - are a result of months of R&D, quality control, sheer regulation and we stand by them. 

Due to a clause in PCSIR’s report on Switch E-liquid which clearly states, “the contents of this report cannot be, in any manner, used for publicity of the product or any advertisement”, we cannot openly share test results. However, we want to present some of the findings. First and foremost, the results confirm that our E-Liquid contains exactly the same ingredients as we claim for our Switch S1 and S2 Pods. Secondly, the results also confirm that our Pods’ E-Liquid maintains a nicotine level of 4.98% - a difference of 0.02% from our claim of 5%.

Lastly, we understand that the topic of smoking alternatives continues to be a subject of conversation and debate. Thus, we welcome debate and dialogue. We will continue to publish our research and research shared by other credible sources (on Switch Blogs) with a simple aim of providing clarity on misconceptions.

by Switch Team


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