Switch Easy - The Most Elite Yet Modest Disposable To Hit The Town

by Switch Team
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Switch Easy - The Most Elite Yet Modest Disposable To Hit The Town
Switch entered the Pakistani market with its impeccably designed rechargeable devices – Switch S1 and S2 – before launching its first range of disposables, the Switch Mini. Disposables are designed to be familiar to smokers, but obviously without the tar, ash and combustion that comes with smoking conventional cigarettes. They don’t require any maintenance and come draw-activated, meaning users can simply remove the device from its packaging and start puffing. Convenient, right?

Switch Mini was designed with convenience in mind. And that is, what it has been offering to its users – sheer convenience. After analyzing the existence and success behind the Mini, our product development team quickly made up its mind on what would be the next move for our brand – another series of disposables. But this time, we wanted to add more duration and an increased product life cycle for our next disposable device. We also identified the need to add more sensational flavors – ones that would complement this new device perfectly. That’s when the idea of Switch Easy was born.

And here we are. With its extended battery life and a larger built-in, pre-filled pod (3.5ml), the Switch Easy is somewhat the big brother to the Switch Mini. The Easy is available in four lip smacking flavors – Blueberry Blast, Cherry Sunrise, Peach Passion and Double Apple. Now, just pick your favorite and experience the heavenly tang of the all-new Switch Easy.

In order to give it a fresh look, Switch Easy is crafted with top-grade materials with a classic finish. Having a matt body exterior, glossy ends and an integrated LED light, the Switch Easy has an irresistible appeal to it ready to take on your nicotine cravings.

With its steady vision to minimize health risk and nicotine dependency from the lives of adult smokers, Switch has always believed in providing solutions. Initiating with only rechargeable devices to launching the disposables, Switch has definitely come a long way in an extremely short period of time. And with a high spirit, we’ll continue to make things better for you. The Switch Easy is now available for purchase on our website, and our resellers nationwide for a modest price tag of Rs. 1400.

Be the change and #letswitch.
by Switch Team


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