Switch SX – A Classic Upgrade To Version 2.0 Of Switch Rechargeable Devices

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Switch SX – A Classic Upgrade To Version 2.0 Of Switch Rechargeable Devices

The rapidly evolving world, transforming life preferences and adapting to the instill change creates limitless opportunities to upgrade, simultaneously. Staying ahead, as always, Switch after smoothly satisfying the nicotine cravings in budget with the Switch S1 and Switch S2, detected the need to launch another advanced rechargeable entrant – Switch SX for an enhanced user experience. Earlier this year, in 2021, Switch SX was launched to provide the customers with something fresh and upscale and honestly, the response was overwhelming. The Switch SX went out of stock in the first week of its launch making it the fastest selling Switch product in the brand’s history. Switch extends its gratitude to the esteemed customers who made it possible and were ready to move forward.

Switch SX – Towards The Future

Being a responsible brand, Switch believes in a simple motto – eliminate the use of harmful conventional cigarettes and bring the health-risking factor to the minimum, but, why not do it in style? Well, our newly launched Switch SX is here to take care of that. Its impeccably sleek design, appealing metallic grey finish and top-of-the-line features generate an urge to instantly upgrade. Not to forget, Switch SX pods are interchangeable, so, if you are a Switch S1 user, it is the perfect time for you to shift without wasting any previously purchased pods.

The Switch SX’s elite, smart LED indicator has become the talk of the town since the launch. Representing the battery percentage to keep the user aware, the LED indicator stays green from 100% to 35%, once fully charged. When the battery hits 35%, the LED turns yellow till it goes down to 10% and when the battery hits 10%, the LED turns red creating an alert to recharge. Designed with care, the Switch SX is undoubtedly, one of the most advanced yet affordable option in the market right now.

Apart from all the nifty features, the Switch SX comes with an extended warranty for a trouble-free experience. Previously, Switch products used to have a 6-months warranty but, soon after the release of the Switch SX, the warranty period got extended to a whole 12-months which can easily be claimed in case, the device gets faulty. Additionally, it is mandatory for the user to have the original box of the device at the time or else, the claim won’t be entertained.

The “Ideal Disposable”

Earlier, towards the end of 2020, Switch also added an exquisite variant to its disposable category – Switch Easy. Available in four totally different flavors – Blueberry Blast, Cherry Sunrise, Peach Passion and Double Apple, it instantly became the “ideal disposable” for many. Not to forget the massive (800 puffs) capacity of Switch Easy and the elegant design that matches its radiant structure.

Definitely, Switch has been creative in capturing minds all around with its irresistible offers and new arrivals over the period of time and will continue to do so in the coming future. So, get your dab on, make the upgrade and create a lasting impression wherever you go with the new Switch SX.

#letswitch and let your life choices define your true personality.
by Switch Team


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