The next step: introducing 3% Nicotine Switch Pods

by Switch Team
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The next step: introducing 3% Nicotine Switch Pods

At this point, those who have been following us, know about our mission statement and vision. For those of you who are new and are unaware, let us quickly recap; Switch was founded to reduce combustible cigarette smoking from the lives of adult smokers. At Switch, we envision a world with less smoking of combustible cigarettes.

Make Switch a globally renowned name
Make Switch a pioneer in smoking alternative products
Improve people's lives

Explore smoking alternatives
Develop world-class products
Focus on customer needs
Care for all stakeholders

So far, for people who have made the switch to our devices, they’ve quit inhaling 200+ poisonous combustion chemicals. Switch has 4 ingredients (Propylene Glycol, Glycerol, Flavor and Nicotine) while a combustible cigarette has over 2500+. We’ve successfully allowed customers to quit tar and carbon monoxide intake that comes with traditional cigarettes as well as completely annihilated the risk of second and third hand smoke.

Now, this is not where we stop. We are also dedicated to lowering our users’ nicotine dependency as much as we can. Keeping that in mind, we are launching 3% nicotine pods, in addition to our existing selection of 5% nicotine level pods. Flavors in this range will include Royal Tobacco, Frosty Mint and Mango Smoothie, for both the Switch S1 and the S2. These would be available for purchase online and at our reseller locations next month.

Our goal is to lower nicotine consumption for those users who want to quit the habit of smoking, vaping or consuming any form of nicotine altogether. Moving from 5% nicotine to 3% will become the first step in reducing nicotine dependency for our users. Be a part of this journey, #letswitch.

by Switch Team


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