Switch S+ is an advanced nicotine delivery system which replicates the satisfaction that is achieved when smoking a cigarette. The all-in-one Starter Kit includes a Switch S+ Device, Charging Cable, and a Flavor Pack consisting of one Switch S+ Pod in 5% nicotine strength — Blueberry Blast.

The Switch S+ comes with a 12-month official warranty. However, its improvised, smart LED battery indicator is the ultimate game changer. The LED indicator will flash red 10 times when the device is low on charge. When charging, the LED indicator will turn white. Once fully charged, the LED indicator will turn off. The LED indicator will flash white 3 times when unplugged after charging. Lastly, the Switch S+’s bold, robust, metallic grey exterior makes it the ideal fit for any occasion.

  • Rechargeable Switch S+ Device
  • Charging Cable (Type C)
  • One Switch S+ Pod (Blueberry Blast)
  • Product Registration / 12 Month Warranty Card (for warranty details, visit here)

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